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Disney Channel’s “Bad Hair Day” Movie Poster

January 19, 2015 • By

Laura Marano Bad Hair Day Poster

The Disney Channel has released the much-anticipated movie poster for Laura Marano and Leigh-Allyn Baker’s DCOM “Bad Hair Day.”

The new Disney Channel Original Movie will air on the network on February 13, 2015 at 8pm ET/PT. Do you plan on tuning in to see the movie?

In the DCOM Laura is having a seriously bad hair day while she gets ready for prom, and to make matters worse she gets roped into a police search for a jewel thief!

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8 Photos That Prove Disney Channel’s “KC Undercover” Is A Must-Watch!

January 17, 2015 • By

KC Undercover

Zendaya Coleman’s brand new Disney Channel Original Series “K.C. Undercover” is premiering on the network on January 18, 2015 at 8:30pm EST. Zendaya plans to live Tweet during the premiere – check out her note:

“K.C.” undercover is about “An outspoken and confident technology wiz and skilled black belt who discovers that both her parents are spies and expect her to follow in their footsteps.”

Sounds fun! Here’s a list of cast members:

Tammy Townsend as Kira Cooper
Zendaya Coleman as K.C. Cooper
Veronica Dunne as Marisa
Kadeem Hardison as Craig Cooper
Kamil McFadden as Ernie Cooper
Trinitee Stokes as Judy Cooper

Below you can check out 8 fun photos from the set of “K.C. Undercover.” The pics totally prove that Z’s brand new series is a must-watch! Let us know if you plan on tuning in by taking our poll on the last slide!

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Do Avery and Karl Kiss In Tonight’s Episode Of “Dog With A Blog?”

January 16, 2015 • By

Dog With A Blog On The Disney Channel
It looks like it could happen, Avery and Karl may actually kiss in tonight’s new episode of “Dog With a Blog.” The show premieres tonight, January 16th @ 7:30 PM on the Disney Channel.

In this episode called “Avery Dreams of Kissing Karl” Chloe (Francesca Capaldi) considers giving up choir to become a BMX bike rider with Tyler (Blake Michael).

Avery (G. Hannelius) can’t help but freak out after she keeps having the same dream of her dating her nemesis, Karl (L.J. Benet). Stan (Stephen Full) decides to help her out by inviting Karl over!

Check out the promo of “Avery Dreams of Kissing Karl!” and don’t forget to watch tonight on the Disney Channel at 7:30.

Don’t Miss “A Close Shave,” Tonight’s Episode On “Jessie”

January 16, 2015 • By

“Jessie” airs tonight January 16th @8 PM on the Disney Channel with its episode, “A Close Shave.”

The show is about Jessie (Debby Ryan) a small-town teen who leaves her home to take a job as a nanny for the Ross family’s four kids in New York.

While watching four kids can be challenging for a teenager, Jessie has help from the family’s butler, Bertram (Kevin Chamberlin), and the building’s doorman Tony (Chris Galya).

And if that isn’t hard enough, Jessie is in charge of the family’s pet, a 7-foot Asian water monitor lizard!

In tonight’s episode Luke (Cameron Boyce) shaves for the first time, then when Bertram comes to help, things go terribly wrong.

Watch below to see a clip from “A Close Shave” airing tonight.

Zendaya Talks About Her Role On Disney Channel’s “K.C. Undercover”

January 16, 2015 • By

Zendaya at Trevor Jackson Monster 18th Birthday Party in LA
Disney Channel’s “K.C. Undercover” premieres this Sunday, January 18th @ 8:30 PM! Zendaya stars as K.C. in the series.

The show is about a high-school student who is a math whiz and has a black belt in karate. She is basically a normal teen whose life changes when she learns that her parents are spies in a secret government agency. Her parents recruit K.C. to join them in the group and this throws her life into chaos as her and her younger siblings must balance their normal family life with undercover missions.

Watch below as Zendaya talks about her role as K.C. and how she’s similar to her.

Will you be watching the show this Sunday?

Watch Trailer For Tonight’s Episode Of “Girl Meets World”

January 16, 2015 • By

Tonight, Friday, January 16th @ 8:30 PM ET/PT on Disney Channel the new episode of “Girl Meets World” premieres!

Tonight’s episode is called “Girl Meets Master Plan.”

Maya (Sabrina Carpenter) is celebrating her 14th birthday. She is upset that her mom probably won’t be able to celebrate with her and the rest of her family and friends.

Check out the clip below to see a sneak peek of tonight’s episode of “Girl Meets World.”

“Austin & Ally” Have New Theme Song!

January 15, 2015 • By

Austin And Ally Have New Theme Song
Disney Channel’s “Austin & Ally” show has a brand new theme song featuring the stars, Ross Lynch, Laura Marano, Calum Worthy and Raini Rodriguez.

The show is about the relationship between two very different musicians: the extroverted singer Austin (Ross), who is fun-loving and outgoing; and the introverted and awkward songwriter Ally (Laura), who is a singer with stage fright.

After Austin becomes famous from one of Ally’s songs they become partners. Ally’s friend Trish (Raini) becomes his manager and his friend Dez (Calum) directs his music videos. The four friends have many adventures together.

Ally’s career begins to take off after she has conquered her stage fright and she is given a record deal. Austin chooses to be with Ally on her first tour after they confess their love for each other.

In the end of season three, Austin goes off with Ally on tour, Dez goes off to film school in Los Angeles, California and Trish starts her own record company.

We can’t wait to see what happens in season 4! The show returns for Season 4 on this Sunday, January 18th @ 8PM with all new episodes!

Watch the clip below to see the new theme song for “Austin & Ally!”

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