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Your Favorite Stars Show Off Their Comfy Fall Styles

November 22, 2014 • By

Stars Fall Style

Many of your favorite stars love fall weather – it means bringing out cozy sweaters, light jackets and knit hats!

In the gallery below you can see stars like Bella Thorne, Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Camila Cabello and more sharing a plethora of fall looks. Some stars go for a dressed-up fall fashion, while others decide to go a bit more laid back with their looks this time of year.


After you click through all of the photos be sure to visit the comments section to let us know whose fall fashion you want to copy this year!

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Mom’s Handmade Disney Costumes Help Her Daughter Overcome Battle With Shyness

November 12, 2014 • By

Handmade Disney Costume

Florida mom Jennifer Rouch used upcycled prom dresses, vintage Bambi curtains and love to create a wardrobe of Disney costumes to help her 3-year old daughter Lane overcome her battle with shyness.

Jennifer worked at a fabric store throughout her teen years and grew up watching her mom sew. With her interest in Disney, making Disney themed costumes for a hobby, just made sense.

Jennifer made her first Disney-themed costume for her daughter Lane, a Little Mermaid tail, when she was just 10 weeks old!

When Jennifer and her husband Chad noticed that Lane seemed shy toward others they wanted to help her overcome her shyness. They decided to buy a Disney pass that allows them to go to the Walt Disney World park as often as they like.

Here’s what Jennifer had to say,

We were noticing that she was very clingy with us – if someone would even approach her at a restaurant to talk to her, she would seem very shy – we didn’t want her to be crippled by that, so we figured since Disney was close to us and would be a fun, safe place for her to interact with characters and environments she loved, we’d take her there.

Jennifer has dyed old shower curtains a “Cinderella blue” and created a princess dress out of vintage Mickey Mouse bed sheets. All of the attention Lane gets from the Disney cast members each time they go to the park has “basically changed Lane into a different child.”

Handmade Disney Costumes

Even though Lane has come out of her own shell, Jennifer has no plans to stop creating a Disney-tastic wardrobe for her, nor will the family stop taking trips to the park any time soon.

Here’s what Jennifer said about Lane,

She loves wearing these dresses – she’s as girly as they come. She wants matching shoes and nail polish. She has so much fun with it. As many times as we’ve gone to Disney, ever time we pull onto the property she squeals and says, ‘Momma look!’ She loves everything about it, and we love sharing these experiences with her.

It is so great to see parents doing such positive things for their children with a little inspiration from Disney.