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Meet Merc From Disney Junior’s “Miles From Tomorrowland”

February 6, 2015 • By Home

Miles From Tomorrowland Merc

We can already tell you that Disney Junior’s “Miles From Tomorrowland” is going to be a hit! One of the characters in the animated series is a robo-ostrich named Merc. Read his character description from Disney below:

Merc stands for Mechanically Emotive Responsive Creature – Miles’s robo-ostrich who displays real emotions.

Do you plan on watching “Miles From Tomorrowland”?

Disney Junior’s “Miles From Tomorrowland” Toys, Costumes And More At The Disney Store

February 6, 2015 • By Home

Miles From Tomorrowland Cast

Alright Disney – take all of our money! The Disney Store just announced “Miles From Tomorrowland” products are available! It’s been like pulling teeth to find “Henry Hugglemonster” and “Sheriff Callie” toys since those Disney Junior shows arrived, but Disney KNOWS they have an interstellar hit on their hands with “Miles From Tomorrowland,” and they are not going to miss out on marketing, and shopping, opportunities this time!

As of today, which also marks the launch of “Miles From Tomorrowland” on the Disney Channel, you can get branded products at the Disney Store! Plushes, figurines, costumes and clothing have landed at the Disney Store online.

Miles From Tomorrowland Toys Disney Store

It’s currently unclear if the items are also available in stores, but you best believe we are going to look so we will keep you posted!

Now how long do you think it will be before the Tommorowland Transit Authority People Mover is branded to look like “Miles From Tommorowland? Keep an eye out at the Disney Parks!

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