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Meet Miles’ Mom Phoebe From Disney Junior’s “Miles From Tomorrowland”

February 4, 2015 • By Home

Phoebe From Disney Junior Miles From Tomorrowland

Disney Junior’s new animated series “Miles From Tomorrowland” premieres on the network this month, and we are crazy excited to tune in for new episodes!

Here is a picture of the character Phoebe – Miles’ mom! And here’s a description of the adventurous character from Disney:

Miles’ mom, Phoebe, is named after one of Saturn’s moons. She is also Captain of the family ship, the Stellosphere #MilesFromTomorrowland

Phoebe Miles From Tomorrowland

Be sure to check out the first episode of “Miles From Tomorrowland” on iTunes, and let us know what you think!

You can also meet Miles’ dad Leo from the show to get to know some of the characters from the new Disney Junior show.

Meet Leo From Disney Junior’s “Miles From Tomorrowland”

February 2, 2015 • By Home

Leo Miles From Tomorrowland

Disney Junior is launching a new TV show called “Miles From Tomorrowland” on February 6, 2015. The show stars a character named Miles who explores space with his family, including his dad Leo!

Here’s a description of Leo from Disney Junior:

Leo, Miles’ inventor dad, is named for the constellation Leo, which is Latin for ‘lion’

Have you seen the free first episode of “Miles From Tomorrowland” on iTunes? Let us know what you think of the show!

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