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Disney Junior “The Lion King” TV Show “The Lion Guard”

June 10, 2014 • By

Disney Junior The Lion Guard

Disney Junior is planning to release a new animated show titled “The Lion Guard” in November 2015. The show will be based on the popular animated movie “The Lion King.”

The show will be about a lion named Kion, who is the son of Simba and Nala. Here’s what Disney Junior general manager Nancy Kanter said about the show:

It’s kind of like ‘The Lion King’ meets ‘The Avengers.

Disney Junior The Lion King The Lion Guard

The show will be introduced to viewers through an hour-long movie in November 2015, then episodes of the show will start premiering in January 2016.

This sounds like a lot of fun!

Disney Junior “Lucky Duck” Movie Trailer

May 25, 2014 • By

Disney Junior Lucky Duck Movie Trailer

There’s a new movie premiering on the Disney Junior channel on June 20, 2014. The movie is called “Lucky Duck” and it’s about a group of tub toys that gets lost at sea on their way to find the child they are meant to live with!

The movie will premiere at 7/6c. Then, “Lucky Duck” will air on the Disney Channel on June 21, 2014 at 9am.

Here’s a description of the movie:

The movie opens in a toy factory where Lucky and a menagerie of other tub toys are going through inspection. After being rejected for a broken squeaker, Lucky fortuitously winds up in a shipping crate with approved toys – and thus begins a touching adventure that leads him to new, lifelong friends who love him just the way he is…The movie follows a plucky rubber ducky named Lucky (Borle) who, after accidentally being tossed off a cargo ship, sets off in search of the perfect home. Along the way, he teams with a group of misfit tub toys including a sassy hippo, Flo (Hilty) and an apprehensive turtle named Snap (Cavanaugh).

Actors who lend their voices to the movie include:

Megan Hilty
Christian Borle
Tom Cavanagh

Watch the “Lucky Duck” movie trailer below!

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