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Bella Thorne Shares A New Update About Her Animated Movie

July 20, 2014 • By

Bella Thorne Animated Movie Booth

Bella Thorne hit the recording studio yesterday to work on her first animated movie! Bella hasn’t spilled many details about the movie, but we do know that she recorded a song for the movie, and she has just updated her fans about the director:

So much fun working with this team on the animated film. love the director,
Timur Bekmambetov.

Bella Thorne Animated Movie

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Zendaya Coleman Comments On Alexandra Shipp Joining Aaliyah Biopic

July 20, 2014 • By

Zendaya Coleman Aaliyah Movie

“House Of Anubis” star Alexandra Shipp has just signed on for Lifetime’s “Aaliyah: Princess of R&B,” which Zendaya Coleman was originally set to star in. Here’s how Zendaya reacted to the news:

Let me just explain something. The reason why I chose not to do the Aaliyah movie had nothing to do with the haters or the people telling me I couldn’t do it, I wasn’t talented enough, or I wasn’t black enough. The main reasons were the production value wasn’t there, there were complications with the music rights, and I just felt like it wasn’t being handled delicately considering the situation. And I tried my best to reach out to the family on my own, and I wrote a letter, but I was unable to do so therefore I felt not morally OK with moving forward with the project. With all that being said, congratulations to the new woman playing Aaliyah. I only hope that she does not have to deal with half the hate I had to deal with. And remember that we are all human beings trying to do what we love to do. Let’s practice motivation and love, not discrimination and hate.

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Alexandra Shipp Aaliyah