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Jake Miller Having A Hard Time With His New Album

March 25, 2015 • By

Jake Miller New CD

Rapper, singer and songwriter Jake Miller is working on a new album, but it’s proving to be a bit challenging! Turns out Jake is having trouble deciding which tracks to include on the CD.

Jake explained:

Gonna be a hard decision which songs make the album and which get cut.

Jake Miller Album Track List

Yikes! We can imagine that’s pretty tough! Good luck Jake!

Justin Bieber Concert Tour Announcement Coming Soon?

March 24, 2015 • By

Justin Bieber Recording Studio

It certainly sounds like Justin Bieber plans to announce a new concert tour very soon! JB took to Twitter to tell his fans that he seriously misses performing for them!

Justin revealed:

Missed the stage. Time to get back to work.

So, it sounds to us like once Justin is done recording his new album he will be announcing tour dates for his fans. Do YOU plan on seeing Justin live on stage during his next tour? Let us know by taking the poll below!