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Taylor Swift Stops A Baby From Crying

March 4, 2015 • By

Taylor Swift Godmother

We already knew Taylor Swift had a beautiful voice, but a voice that can stop a baby from crying? Her future kids are so lucky!

Taylor found this super sweet video online of a baby crying until she hears Taylor’s voice singing to her – then she couldn’t be happier!

Watch the adorable video below, and tell us if Taylor’s voice soothes YOU just as much!

Calum Worthy’s Stand Off Snap With A Baby

March 3, 2015 • By

Calum Worthy Picture With A Baby

We’re not sure any commentary is necessary to go along with this seriously LOL-worthy snap “Austin & Ally” actor Calum Worthy shared!

In the picture Calum is having a stand off with a baby, and we’re not sure who is more frightened! Calum posted along with the picture:

Baby, Baby, Baby No!

First off, loving the Justin Bieber “Baby” song lyric reference, and second, how HILARIOUS is this picture?

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