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Are Joe Jonas And Gigi Hadid Dating?

September 19, 2014 • By

Joe Jonas Gigi Hadid

Joe Jonas (25) recently broke up with longtime girlfriend Blanda Eggenschwiler, and he’s been spending time with Blanda’s friend Gigi Hadid (19)! Gigi and Cody Simpson have been on and off all year, and it looks like they are currently on a break.

Joe and Gigi have been spotted spending LOTS of time together recently. This isn’t the first time Joe and Gigi have been spotted together, but before they had their significant others by their side.

The pair have been seen walking through the streets of NYC and many fans believe they are more than friends! What do YOU think?

Justin Bieber Wants To Know Where Your Adidas NEO Shoes Take You!

September 19, 2014 • By

Justin Bieber Adidas NEO Video

Justin Bieber wants to know where your Adidas NEO shoes take you! He wants you to shoot a video and send it in to Adidas NEO to show off your personal NEO style AND where your shoes take you throughout the day.

Here’s what was shared with Justin’s Adidas NEO video below:

Justin Bieber hops from rooftops to beaches, from New York to Shanghai, all in his NEOs. Now Justin wants to see where your NEOs take you. Lace up, grab a friend and shoot your own #NEOwhere video. No moment is too big or too small, so capture it all. Just do it now and use #NEOwhere. Where do your NEOs take you? Justin will be waiting.

Let us know if YOU send in a video!