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Emily Osment Reveals ABC Family “Young & Hungry” Season 2 Details

January 29, 2015 • By

Emily Osment Young And Hungry Season 2

Emily Osment is super excited about the second season of her popular ABC Family show “Young & Hungry”! Emily Tweeted the super exciting note below to let fans in on a big secret about the series:

Season 2 of Young & Hungry premieres MARCH 25TH on ABC Family! I think it was chill to tweet this, but also I just couldn’t wait any longer.

Are you as excited for “Young & Hungry” as we are? Show executive producer Ashley Tisdale is very excited too!

Austin Mahone Responds To Criticism Over Album Delay

January 29, 2015 • By

Austin Mahone Debut Album

Despite the fact that Austin Mahone is spending lots of time in his chic, marble bathroom – where he claims to have the best music ideas – he still isn’t ready to release his debut full-length album.

Bathroom chillin, it’s where I have my brightest ideas.

Austin Mahone Music Ideas In The Bathroom

When a fan complained about how long everyone has been waiting for Austin’s new cd he responded with the long note below:

I understand where you’re coming from because I feel the same exact way. But at the same time I don’t wanna rush it and then put out a single that doesn’t do well. Because you’re only as big as your last record. So I wanna take time to make sure that I have some incredible, next level, monster smashes that I can release and feel good about. And believe me I’ve got some crazy songs that are potential next singles but I want to be sure. I’m going to LA in Feb. To finish my first album once and for all. But trust me when I drop it… you won’t be disappointed :) Trust me theres nobody in this world more impatient than me and I wanna get this album out already. Real Mahomies will be patient with me :)

We are bummed Austin’s album is taking so long to arrive, however we are so excited to hear how well Austin thinks his new tunes are turning out! We guess we can wait a little longer!