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Britney Spears Takes Her Sons To Disneyland

July 26, 2014 • By

Britney Spears Disneyland

Aww! Former Disney star Britney Spears just took her two kids – Sean and Jayden to Disneyland! Britney updated fans from the park:

Took these two little Mouseketeers to @Disneyland today… like mama like sons ;)

That is just the sweetest! Was anyone lucky enough to spot Britney and her family at the park?

Plus check out Britney’s upcoming Piece Of Me Las Vegas tour dates below!


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Video: “Frozen” Sing-Along Celebration At Disney’s Hollywood Studios

July 26, 2014 • By

Frozen Sing Along Disney

In the video below you can check out the entire “Frozen” sing-along celebration taking place at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The sing along features appearances from Anna, Elsa and Kristoff PLUS you can sing along with a bunch of scenes from “Frozen.”

This looks like a really fun event for “Frozen” fans. The event will run through the rest of the summer so be sure to visit the park and let us know what YOU think of the sing-along!

Plus, check out the fun “Do You Want To Build A Snowman” cover by the Disney stars!