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New Disney “Big Hero 6″ Tsum Tsum Collection

April 7, 2015 • By Home

Disney Big Hero 6 Tsum Tsum

OMG how CUTE is the new Tsum Tsum collection featuring the characters from Disney’s animated “Big Hero 6″ movie? The collection is available wherever Tsum Tsum’s are sold – including the Disney Store, Target, Hallmark stores and more!

The “Big Hero 6″ collection includes everyone’s favorite personal healthcare companion Baymax as well as his BFF Hiro and his friends Fred, Go-Go, Honey Lemon, and Wasabi!

Which “Big Hero 6″ Tsum Tsum is your favorite?

“Girl Meets World” Disney Store Customizable Products

March 22, 2015 • By Home

Disney Store Girl Meets World

The Disney Store has a line of products that can be customized by online shoppers, and if you are a fan of Disney Channel’s “Girl Meets World” you are certainly in luck – there are “Girl Meets World” images you can use on your customizable items!

The Disney Store has been promoting the new “Girl Meets World” pictures like crazy, so it must be doing really well. Have YOU designed any cute GMW products at DisneyStore.com?

If so be sure to let us know by Tweeting us a snap of your “Girl Meets World” purchase at @Disney_Dreaming!

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