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Fan Sends Adorable Note To Disney XD “Kickin’ It” Cast

April 20, 2015 • By

Jason Earles Kickin It

A young fan decided to send a cute letter to actor Jason Earles telling him how much they were going to miss the cast of Disney XD’s “Kickin’ It.” Turns out Jason really misses the cast, crew and show too!

Along with posting a picture of the letter and drawing he received, he also shared:

Me too Tara Rossky. Me too. #thx4thefanmail #looksjustlikeolive

Do YOU miss “Kickin’ It”? Was it one of your all-time-favorite Disney XD shows?

“Frozen” Will Make It’s Television Debut February 2016

April 14, 2015 • By

Frozen Television Debut

Disney just announced that the popular animated adventure “Frozen” is set to make its television debut on:

Disney Channel
Disney XD
Disney Junior
ABC Family

No specific date has been set for the “Frozen” TV premiere, but we do know that it will arrive across the Disney TV platforms in February 2016.

We’re also curious if Disney’s “Frozen” short “Frozen Fever” will air before the movie!

Are you excited for the “Frozen” television premiere? Are you one of the very few who haven’t seen “Frozen”?

Katie Drysen Confirms Her Job On Disney XD’s “Gamer’s Guide To Pretty Much Everything”

April 3, 2015 • By

Katie Drysen Disney XD

Jason Earles’ girlfriend Katie Drysen has more or less confirmed that she is working on Cameron Boyce’s new Disney XD series “Gamer’s Guide To Pretty Much Everything.”

We previously speculated that Katie had left her job at Disneyland to work on the series, but she hadn’t made an official statement. However, the new photos she posted make it clear she is definitely on the set of a video game-themed Disney XD show!

Still no word yet what Katie does behind the scenes of the series, but we are totally jealous she gets to hang out with all of the Disney XD actors and spend time on the set of the series!

See the pictures below!

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Olivia Holt Gets Seriously Sad Over “Kickin’ It” Finale

March 25, 2015 • By

Olivia Holt Kickin It Finale

The final episode of “Kickin’ It” airs tonight! The entire cast is super sad about the end of the series, but Olivia Holt seems extra upset!

She told her fans:

Dude. This is it.
Come hang with the Kickin’ It fam one last time. This Wednesday on Disney XD. My heart hurts.

Ours too Olivia, ours too…

Olivia Holt Kickin It

Watch a promo for the new – and final – episode below, and let us know if you plan on tuning in!

Is Jason Earles’ Girlfriend Katie Drysen Working On Disney XD’s “Gamer’s Guide To Pretty Much Everything”?

March 22, 2015 • By

Katie Drysen Disney XD

Jason Earles’ girlfriend Katie Drysen just left her longtime job at Disneyland to join the team at Disney XD, where Jason just ended his run with “Kickin’ It.” We’re now wondering if Katie is working on Disney XD’s upcoming series starring Cameron Boyce, titled “Gamer’s Guide To Pretty Much Everything.”

The show is about a professional gamer named Conor (played by Cameron) who is forced to leave the gaming world when he injures his thumb. Conor then begins to visualize his life as a video game!

Well check out Katie’s new social snap:

Katie Drysen A Gamers Guide To Pretty Much Everything

I make the most attractive faces – having a little fun at work – can you tell me which game this is from? #goingdownthetube

What do you think – is Katie working on the new show? Or is this just a coincidence?

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