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Is Spencer Boldman Quitting Acting?

March 2, 2015 • By

Spencer Boldman Quitting Acting

Spencer Boldman saw an article on Yahoo! about a man quitting his job and living out of his van while sightseeing around the world – and he loves the idea!

After Spencer saw the picture, he told his fans he is “Considering doing this,” and shared the screenshot of the article below.

Spencer Boldman Leaving Disney XD

Does this mean Spencer is quitting acting? Is he leaving his Disney XD “Lab Rats” career behind?

We seriously doubt that Spencer is leaving the Disney family, or quitting acting anytime soon. However, we bet that Spencer sets up a fun around-the-world trip in the coming months to do a bit of sightseeing!

Jason Earles’ Girlfriend Katie Drysen Starts Her New Job At Disney XD

March 1, 2015 • By

Katie Drysen Disney XD

Disney XD’s “Kickin’ It” actor Jason Earles‘ girlfriend Katie Drysen works at Disney XD now! Katie has been a longtime employee at the Disney Parks, but she recently decided to make a switch to a new section of The Walt Disney Company!

It’s unclear what Katie is up to at Disney XD, but we know that this is her desk, and she is VERY excited about it!

Katie Drysen Disney XD New Job Desk

The awesomeness that is my desk.

Congratulations Katie!