Dylan And Cole Sprouse

Cole Sprouse Laughs At Ashley Tisdale’s Style

July 9, 2014 • By

Cole Sprouse Mocks Ashley Tisdale Style

Cole Sprouse starred alongside Ashley Tisdale in “The Suite Life Of Zack & Cody,” and the pair have been close ever since. However, we’re not sure how close they will be after Cole just laughed at Ashley’s throwback style!

Cole posted the photo of Ashley’s former look below along with writing:

@ashleytisdale Miss you sis. Miss this # Incredibly Pimp Outfit.

Ashley Tisdale Throwback Style

Aww, do YOU like Ashley’s style?

Dylan Sprouse Shocks Fans By Revealing His Girlfriend

June 20, 2014 • By

Dylan Sprouse Girlfriend Photo

Dylan Sprouse has shocked his fans! He just shared the photo below from a date he was on!

This is the first time Dylan has ever shared a photo of himself and his GF! Fans agree – she’s beautiful, and they want to know who she is ASAP!

Dylan Sprouse Girlfriend

Dylan shared about their date:

Happy Midsummer! @ Robert F Wagner Junior Park

What a cute couple!

P.S. Hopefully Dylan and his brother Cole Sprouse got their stolen belongings back when they were in Italy! Read more about their robbery here.