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Disney Channel’s “Austin & Ally” And “Jessie” Crossover Episode Will Air On December 7, 2012

November 13, 2012 • By

The “Austin & Ally” and “Jessie” crossover episode is almost here! The highly anticipated crossover episode will air on the Disney Channel on December 7, 2012 at 8pm. In the episode Austin, Ally, Trish and Dez are having a difficult time getting through Times Square in New York City on New Year’s Eve. The group will need Jessie’s help to get to the stage in time for Austin to perform!

And as if the crossover episode wasn’t cool enough already – it includes a duet sung by Ross Lynch and Debby Ryan – awesome! Will you be tuning in?

P.S. The Disney Channel just ordered more episodes of “Jessie” season 2.

The Disney Channel Orders More Episodes Of “Jessie” Season 2

November 11, 2012 • By

The Disney Channel has just ordered six additional episodes to be added to the second season of the hit series “Jessie,” starring Debby Ryan. This will bring the number of episodes this season to 28.

“Jessie” stars the following actors:

Debby Ryan as Jessie
Peyton List
Cameron Boyce
Karan Brar
Skai Jackson
Kevin Chamberlin
Chris Galya

Have you been watching “Jessie” this season? Which episode has been your favorite so far?

Debby Ryan Loves Her Style On The Disney Channel Show “Jessie”

October 16, 2012 • By

Debby Ryan has revealed that while her own fashion is amazing, she really loves the fashion of her character on the Disney Channel Original Series “Jessie”! After raiding her character’s closet she revealed:

oh Jessie. you fiery, endearingly underqualified nanny. oh how your closet makes me swoon.

Whose style do you like better? Debby or Jessie? Take the poll below to let us know!

Debby Ryan Says There’s A Mystery In “Jessie” Season 2 On The Disney Channel

October 9, 2012 • By

Debby Ryan has revealed that the second season of “Jessie” on the Disney Channel will include a mystery! She told Teen Vogue magazine that the season will consist of:

More shenanigans and adventures with the kids my character babysits. It’s pretty intense and there’s a big mystery. The premiere is a really good indication of how epic things are throughout the season. I spend most of the episode with blood all over my dress, holding a butcher knife.

Yikes! Did you tune in for the season premiere Halloween episode? What did you think?

And, will you be watching the rest of the season?

Debby Ryan, Peyton List And Skai Jackson On The Set Of “Jessie”

September 25, 2012 • By

Debby Ryan, Peyton List and Skai Jackson sent a photo to their fans from the set of the hit Disney Channel series “Jessie” yesterday – love it! Here’s what Skai posted along with the picture:

Hey guys.

Have you heard the awesome news that the second season of “Jessie” is arriving on October 5, 2012! Also, there’s going to be a “Jessie” and “Austin & Ally” crossover episode this season – yeay!

Disney Channel “Jessie” Season 2 Premiering On October 5, 2012

September 15, 2012 • By

The second season of Disney Channel’s “Jessie” will premiere on October 5, 2012. The episode is titled “The Whining.” Here’s a description of the episode from the Disney Channel:

The Ross kids become concerned that history is repeating itself after a scary old doorman tells them a building legend about a nanny who did ‘something terrible’ to the kids in her care on Halloween. Meanwhile, Jessie and Tony work together to crash an exclusive Halloween party so Jessie can give her short story to a famous magazine editor, in a new episode premiering 8:30-9:00 p.m. ET/PT.

“Jessie” actors include:

– Debby Ryan as Jessie
– Kevin Chamberlin as Bertram
– Peyton List as Emma Ross
– Karan Brar as Ravi Ross
– Cameron Boyce as Luke Ross
– Skai Jackson as Zuri Ross
– Chris Galya as Tony the doorman

Do you plan on tuning in for the season premiere of “Jessie”?

Disney Channel “Austin & Ally” And “Jessie” Crossover Episode

September 11, 2012 • By

Here’s some exciting news! There will be an “Austin & Ally” and “Jessie” crossover episode this season! No word yet when the episode will air, or what the plot will be, but we’re excited nonetheless!

What would YOU like to see in a “Austin & Ally” and “Jessie” crossover episode? We’d like to see some singing and dancing for sure! Let us know your thoughts in the comments section!

The second season of “Jessie” will premiere on October 5, 2012 while “Austin & Ally” season 2 will premiere on October 7, 2012.

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