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Poll: Which Disney Channel Show Set Would You Visit?

May 15, 2014 • By

Disney Channel Show Sets

The Disney Channel posed a fun question to fans! If you could visit any of the sets listed below on the Disney Channel lot, which would you choose to visit?

“Austin & Ally”
“Liv and Maddie”
“I Didn’t Do It”

Disney Show Sets

Take the poll below to let us know which show YOU would want to check out for the day!

Debby Ryan Opens Up About Directing An Episode Of “Jessie”

May 6, 2014 • By

Debby Ryan Director

News just broke that Debby Ryan will not only be starring in the hit Disney Channel Original Series “Jessie,” she is also set to direct an upcoming episode of the show! Debby opened up about getting behind the camera:

I’ve always known how incredible my (co-workers) are. But this experience gave me a chance to see just how incredible they really were.

Debby Ryan Jessie Director

Debby’s directorial debut will happen later on in the season – most likely in one of the wedding episodes she is shooting for the series!

Debby is set to wed actor Pierson Fode after a whirlwind romance that starts this season. Do you think she will actually go through with the wedding?