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Orlando Bloom’s Massive Fight With Justin Bieber

July 30, 2014 • By

Orlando Bloom Punches Justin Bieber

“Pirates Of the Caribbean” actor Orlando Bloom got into a big fight with Justin Bieber in Norway this month! Orlando threw a punch at Justin, but the punch was deflected by Justin’s bodyguard.

Justin left the restaurant they were both eating at right after the altercation.

Justin Bieber Punched By Orlando Bloom

The pair have been at odds since Justin got close with Miranda Kerr at the 2012 Victoria’s Secret fashion show, and their relationship reportedly tore Orlando and Miranda apart. Orlando was then seen spending time with Justin’s ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez earlier this year.

After the argument Justin posted and then deleted a picture of Miranda online. Yikes!

Justin Bieber Miranda Kerr Picture

Justin Bieber Gets Sentimental About His Project With Cody Simpson

July 30, 2014 • By

Cody Simpson Justin Bieber Recording Studio Project

Justin Bieber and Cody Simpson have been hard at work on a new project together, and it sounds like it’s something fans will be going crazy over! Justin had this to say about the new music that’s on the way:

Sometimes you pick up a guitar and magic starts to happen. Feels good to just make music. might be giving you something sooner than I thought. Taking it back to how I started.

He also posted the following note for Cody:

@CodySimpson the best projects are ones you don’t plan for. This is special music.

We are beyond excited to hear what Justin and Cody have been working on!

Plus here’s a note about the project from Cody and Justin’s manager Scooter Braun:

I am pretty excited this morning. Spent all night in the studio last night with @justinbieber @codysimpson @yeshuathegudwin and @andrew50watt. Sometimes friends pick up guitars and one song leads into many. A special project is coming and music that is going to shock people. Wow!!! Amazing lyrics, vocals, and songs!! Very excited. Been a long time coming. Taking it back to how it started :) awesome. People haven’t heard them sing like this. Awesome!!! This one is for everyone. Shocking!