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Justin Bieber Wants His Fans To Find Him!

October 8, 2014 • By

Justin Bieber Trip

Justin Bieber has been traveling quite a bit recently! He was in Paris, France with Selena Gomez and Kendall Jenner and then flew to meet up with his dad after getting into an argument with Selena about Kendall.

Justin revealed that he and his dad are on a “world adventure.”

Justin wants his fans to find him! Justin just Tweeted:

Where am I?

Let us know when YOU figure out where in the world Justin is!

Justin Bieber’s Mom Disses Kendall Jenner After Selena Gomez Fight

October 7, 2014 • By

Justin Bieber Mom

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez seemed to be going strong in Paris, France, but that was short lived. The pair got into an argument after Justin went out for a meal with Kendall Jenner.

Selena and Kendall got into a huge fight earlier this year when Kendall and her sister Kylie Jenner were flirting with Justin. Plus, Selena hasn’t ever loved the fact that Kendall and Justin were close before she started dating him.

Kendall Jenner Justin Bieber Mom

Justin’s mom Pattie Mallette seems to be taking Selena’s side this time as she Tweeted:

I know you love him. I know you need love. But… #DontBeAHomeWrecker

Yikes! Team Selena or Team Kendall?