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Miley Cyrus And Patrick Schwarzenegger Kiss In Public

November 17, 2014 • By

Miley Cyrus Patrick Schwarzenegger Kiss

Miley Cyrus and Patrick Schwarzenegger showed some PDA for the first time at the University of Southern California’s football game on Nov 13 at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum in California. They were photographed kissing and hugging at the game that night.

While on the sidelines watching the came the couple took some selfies together and on Wednesday November 12 they were seen together outside of the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood, California.

A few nights ago, Miley got to meet Patrick’s mom (Maria Shriver) for the first time. Miley was said to be very nervous about meeting her and she took a long time picking out just the right outfit to where!

What do you think of Miley Cyrus and Patrick Schwarzenegger as a couple?

Ariana Grande Goes To Miley Cyrus In Time Of Need

October 23, 2014 • By

Ariana Grande Miley Cyrus

Ariana Grande decided to contact Miley Cyrus when rumors about her started swirling. Media outlets were calling Ariana a diva, and it was making her extremely emotional!

Ariana told the press:

I was upset and I contacted Miley. I said, ‘Miley, I’m so sad, what do I do? This isn’t true. My heart is broken, I feel so bad.’ She was like, ‘Girl, don’t even look at it. Just be happy that you’re blessed. You have family and friends love you, you have fans that love you who know what’s true and what’s not. It will blow over and tomorrow they’ll be talking about something else.’ She lives for love and that’s something I do too. She has a beautiful spirit and she made me feel so much better.

We’re so glad these two are friends despite what Miley has said about Ariana in the past!