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Miley Cyrus Secretly Dating Mike Will Made It For Over A Year!

July 10, 2014 • By

Miley Cyrus Dating Mike Will Made It

Remember back when the rumors were flying that Miley Cyrus was dating music producer Mike Will Made It? Well it turns out even though the rumors died down their romance didn’t!

According to Us Weekly, Miley has been dating Mike Will Made It for the last year! A source told the magazine:

Everybody in her circle knows they’ve been together this whole time.

The pair have kept their relationship out of the press by not going out much together. They spend most of their time at home and on Miley’s tour bus on her Bangerz tour.

The source also added that Miley and Mike are in constant contact – texting all the time. Cute!

Do you like the pair as a couple?

Miley Cyrus Used To Be The Oprah Of Twitter, What Happened?

July 9, 2014 • By

Miley Cyrus Oprah Of Twitter

Miley Cyrus was once called the Oprah of Twitter because she sent out such inspiration notes to her fans! Here are some of the notes Miley sent out back in 2009:

Nothing makes you glow more than love. It’s all about love. Please never forget how beautiful you are girls. You are perfect.

One thing that really helped me when I was struggling was realizing no one is a better me. Everyone is so unique and no one else is a more beautiful you than YOU. Everyone is perfect in the LORDS eyes because he made you just they way he wanted. Every freckle.

Nothing hurts me more than thinking that some girl out there doesn’t believe she’s beautiful. It’s just another one of Satan’s lies. I love you.

Over the years Miley has traded in her inspirational messages for artistic photos of herself and pictures of her crafts. Do you miss the inspirational Miley?

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