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“Hannah Montana” Convinced Sabrina Carpenter To Start Acting

July 3, 2014 • By

Sabrina Carpenter Acting Girl Meets World

Wow! Did you know that Sabrina Carpenter, from the new Disney Channel Original Series “Girl Meets World,” was actually convinced to act after watching an episode of the Disney Channel Original Series “Hannah Montana“?

Sabrina told J-14 Magazine:

The first time I knew I wanted to act was when I watched the first episode of ‘Hannah Montana.’ I actually remember the exact moment in 2006 – I was only 6 years old!

We wonder what “Hannah Montana” actress Miley Cyrus would think if she heard that!

Do you think Sabrina’s career is going to get as huge as Miley’s did through the Disney Channel? Take the poll below to let us know!

Miley Cyrus’ Ex-BFF Mandy Jiroux Debuts New Song “Tonight”

July 2, 2014 • By

Mandy Jiroux Tonight Song

Miley Cyrus’ former bestie Mandy Jiroux has a brand new song! The pair haven’t hung out in years, and it looks like Mandy has spent that whole time concentrating on her music career while Miley did the same thing!

Mandy’s new track is titled “Tonight” and it also features Fagault & Marina.

Mandy had this to say about her new song, via PopCrush:

I’m very excited to be featured on Fagault & Marina’s track ‘Tonight. It’s such a hot, fun dance record that I think people will love!

Listen to the song below, and let us know what you think! The song will be included on Fagault & Marina’s upcoming EP album “Mr. Beat.”

Miley Cyrus Dying To Change Her Look, But What’s Next?

July 1, 2014 • By

Miley Cyrus Rainbow Wig

Miley Cyrus is ready for a change in her hairstyle! Miley was planning on returning from her Bangerz tour this month and getting right into her next album.

She wanted to change up her look and her music style, just like she does each time she works on new tunes. However, since she got sick on her Bangerz tour and had to postpone a number of US tour dates she still has to hit the road with her Bangerz music this summer.

That means that Miley can only slightly change her look, and can’t change her music persona at all! You can tell it’s starting to bug the former Disney star since she has been experimenting with wigs and new jewelry – things that can all be discarded when she needs to hit the road again in August.

In the photo gallery below you can check out all of Miley’s recent hairstyles. She has a new rainbow wig, which we are totally loving. Plus, she has a new wig that gives her longer hair on one side. She loves to wear that wig up in a high bun – which she was famous for before cutting off all of her hair.

To be honest, this is our favorite look on Miley, and we really hope it sticks! Let us know what YOU think of Miley’s new hairstyles in the comments section!

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Noah Cyrus Heading Down A Bad Path Because Of Miley Cyrus?

June 30, 2014 • By

Noah Cyrus Miley Cyrus Bad Path

Miley Cyrus has been spending tons of time with her younger sister Noah Cyrus recently. The pair are BFFs for sure, and we think their relationship is super cute!

Some sources though are nervous about Noah spending so much time with her big sister! One source revealed, via Star:

Noah looks up to Miley. She’s very impressionable, and thinks Miley is the coolest person on the planet. Noah thinks that mimicking Miley will also make her famous one day. But at this point Noah is a teenage train wreck in the making all thanks to her sister.

Noah Cyrus Miley Cyrus

Do you believe that Noah is heading down a bad path because of Miley? We sure hope not!

It also sounds like Noah has changed her mind about going vegetarian or vegan like she previously told fans. Read more about Noah’s request to Peta for help changing her diet here.

Miley Cyrus Still Trying To Upset Selena Gomez – Calls Justin Bieber Hot!

June 30, 2014 • By

Miley Cyrus Selena Gomez Fight

And it continues! Miley Cyrus has been trying to get under Selena Gomez’s skin for years now!

The fight between the former Disney stars started back when they both worked for the Walt Disney Company. Selena and Demi Lovato recorded a fun video for fans, and then Miley and her former BFF Mandy Jiroux spoofed the video.

Then Selena dated Nick Jonas right after Miley broke things off with the Jonas Brother.

After that Miley got upset that Selena started dating her friend Justin Bieber. In fact, every time Selena and Justin split up Miley is right there to hang out with Justin and their get togethers always seem to make headlines – it’s clear they want the world, and Selena, to know they spend time together.

Now that Justin and Selena have reunited again Justin hasn’t been hanging out with Miley. She threw a cardboard cutout of Selena off of the stage while singing her “Bangerz” song “FU.” And now she has taken to Instagram to show Selena what SHE thinks of her boyfriend!

Miley commented on Justin’s recent photos of himself working out by posting:

He is hot.

Selena has yet to respond!

Miley Cyrus Calls Justin Bieber Hot

Does Miley need to calm down? Or do you think she has ever right to act this way toward Selena? Take our poll!

Lorde Says Ghosts Are Haunting Her Recording Studio Session

June 30, 2014 • By

Lorde Ghosts

Oh my! Lorde had a bit of a ghost experience in the studio very early this morning.

Lorde took to Twitter to let her fans know about the experience, posting:

Ghosts in the studio don’t want us to record tonight, they leaving their ghost hum on everything. buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Yikes! This reminds us of the time that Demi Lovato was on “Punk’d.” She was made to believe that the studio she was recording at was haunted, and Demi is totally into ghosts and believed that ghosts were in the studio with her. Then, as Demi looked into the recording booth she saw a ghostly figure and freaked out!

Demi was finally told she was on “Punk’d,” but that didn’t stop her from being shaken up – yikes!

Demi has revealed that she believes her home in Texas is haunted, and she says she has seen the ghost on multiple occasions.

Demi is friends with Taylor Swift who is besties with Lorde. Perhaps Taylor can set up Demi and Lorde for a night out so the pair can discuss their ghost experiences with one another.

Other stars who have opened up about having experience with ghosts include:

Miley Cyrus – Who saw a ghost during an overseas trip to London with her family. Miley and her family ended up leaving the apartment they were staying in because the ghost got to be too much!

Ariana Grande – Who saw ghosts at a graveyard. Ariana snapped a picture of a tree at the location, and there were ghostly faces in the photo. She refused to share the picture with her fans.

Lucy Hale – Who says she is intrigued by paranormal activity, revealing: “I believe in ghosts and I’m really intrigued by paranormal activity.”

Hopefully Lorde finds a new studio to record at so she can continue working on her next CD! Stay tuned for more details about the upcoming album.

Miley Cyrus’ Top Bun Hairstyle Is Back!

June 28, 2014 • By

Miley Cyrus Top Bun

It’s back! Miley Cyrus got sick of fans anticipating that she would wear her hair in a top bun all day every day, so she chopped off all of her hair before her Bangerz album arrived.

Now that Miley has completed a number of shows on her Bangerz concert tour she has brought the top bun hairstyle back!

Miley Cyrus Top Bun Back

It looks like Miley got extensions on some of her hair, and she wears it high up on top of her head in a bun. It’s unclear if Miley plans to grow the rest of her hair out in the coming months, or if she plans to keep it short under the bun.

We love this look on Miley! What about YOU?

Miley Cyrus Top Bun Hairstyle

P.S. Miley just got a new dog named Emu! Find out more about the pup here!

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