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Zayn Malik Drops 1D From His Twitter Name

May 2, 2015 • By Home

Zayn Malik Twitter Name 1D

Oh man! Zayn Malik totally upset One Direction fans this week when he dropped the 1D from his Twitter handle.

Previously Zayn’s Twitter name was @ZaynMalik1D, and now it has changed to @ZaynMalik. We’re not sure how our hearts are handling this.

Are YOU beyond upset about the former 1D member changing his Twitter name? Let us know in the poll below!

One Direction’s Liam Payne Wants An Album Like Ed Sheeran

April 29, 2015 • By Home

Liam Payne Ed Sheeran Album

One Direction’s Liam Payne opened up to MTV about the type of CD he wants 1D to release next. The guys are all busy writing new tracks for the album, and it sounds like everything is going great!

In addition to Tweeting:

Been a crazy couple of days but know that we are going to work harder than ever to deliver the best album we’ve ever made for you guys!

Liam also added during his interview:

The songs have come out a bit more chill because I think we want this to be quite a long-lasting album that you can listen to anytime. You like how Ed’s album, anytime you can throw on an Ed song and it can always make sense. We’re trying to do that.

Are you excited to hear the new sound from One Direction? Do you hope it sounds like Ed’s music?

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