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Zayn Malik Refuses To Comment On Current Lost Luggage Drama

October 7, 2014 • By

Zayn Malik Bag

Zayn Malik of One Direction is totally silent online after the latest drama surrounding luggage he lost in Peru. The guys were at the airport with their team, and one team member placed a bag down to help the guys interact with fans and never picked the bag back up.

Two young women found the bag and decided to open up the contents online for the world to see. They have told the press that they tried to give the bag back after they found out whose it was, but nobody from the 1D team was around to get it.

The bag includes belongings from Zayn’s time in Peru, including clothes he wore on stage and menus from restaurants he dined at. Plus, a book of his drawings was inside the bag as well.

The One Direction fandom in turn trended the hashtag #ZaynDeservesPrivacy. Stay tuned!

Liam Payne Tells One Direction Fans To Get Ready For Something New!

October 5, 2014 • By

Liam Payne One Direction Fans

One Direction member Liam Payne has revealed to fans that they should be totally ready for what is next. He said that while many fans are upset that the 1D “Where We Are” concert tour is ending they shouldn’t be!

Liam Tweeted the following notes to fans:

Lots of people saying they don’t want wwa tour to end but I think… yeah you do there may be something else lined up.

So don’t get upset that today is the last day lets have fun and we will see what tomorrow brings.

In other news

I’m readyyy I’m ready I’m readyyyyy

What do YOU think One Direction is working on next?