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Ryan Ochoa Talks About Adam Hicks Joining The Cast Of Disney XD’s “Pair Of Kings”

March 25, 2012 • By

Ryan Ochoa recently opened up about “Zeke and Luther” actor Adam Hicks joining the cast of the Disney XD show “Pair Of Kings.” Adam has replaced actor Mitchel Musso, who left the show after getting a DUI.

Ryan says that Adam brings a whole new dynamic to the show, and he reveals that the story lines have been really cool this season. We can’t wait to see the new season of the show!

Disney XD “Pair Of Kings” Episode “Crouching Brady, Hidden Boomer” Airing March 19, 2012

March 17, 2012 • By

There’s a new episode of “Pair Of Kings” airing on Disney XD on March 19, 2012 called “Crouching Brady, Hidden Boomer.” Here’s a description of the episode from the network:

“Brady goes on a date with Sabrina, a cute girl from the Nanju Warrior tribe, and soon realizes that she is Mikayla’s biggest rival from Kinkow fight school. Sabrina challenges Mikayla to a duel, but when Mikayla refuses, Sabrina takes Brady prisoner. Mikayla heads to the Nanju forest, known for its magnetic fields, and competes in an aerial duel to save her friend, in a new episode of ‘Pair of Kings,’ MONDAY, MARCH 19 (8:00-8:30 p.m., ET/PT) on Disney XD.”

Actors in the episode include:

– Mitchel Musso as Brady
– Doc Shaw as Boomer
– Kelsey Chow as Mikayla
– Ryan Ochoa as Lanny
– Geno Segers as Mason
– Skylar Vallo as Sabrina

Will you be watching?

“Pair Of Kings” Episode “Mr. Boogey Shoes” Airing On Disney XD On January 30, 2012

January 15, 2012 • By

Another episode of Disney XD’s “Pair Of Kings” that still stars Mitchel Musso will air on the channel on January 30, 2012 at 8pm ET/PT. The episode is called “Mr. Boogey Shoes.” Here’s a description of the episode:

“Boomer blames Mr. Boogey when a pair of Brady’s favorite sneakers is stolen. Everyone on Kinkow including Brady thinks Boomer is lying, except for Mason who has been harboring a big secret.”

Do you plan on continuing to watch “Pair Of Kings” when Mitchel leaves and Adam Hicks takes over?

Disney XD “Pair Of Kings” Episode “No Rhyme Or Treason” Airing January 23, 2012

January 12, 2012 • By

A new episode of Disney XD’s “Pair of Kings” will air on January 23, 2012 called “No Rhyme Or Treason.” The episode stars Mitchel Musso, who will soon be off the air on the series since he is being replaced by actor Adam Hicks. Here is a description of the upcoming new episode:

“Mikayla ends her friendship with Brady after his flirting becomes too much to bear. But when Mikayla and Boomer bond over her new hobby, Kinkowian poetry slams, a jealous Brady outlaws poetry and tries to sabotage their blossoming friendship.”

Will you be watching?

Mitchel Musso Will Continue To Voice Jeremy Johnson On Disney Channel’s “Phineas And Ferb”

December 18, 2011 • By

Mitchel Musso is leaving the Disney XD series “Pair of Kings” and is being replaced by fellow Disney XD actor Adam Hicks. But don’t worry, Mitchel isn’t leaving the Disney family for good, he’ll still be voicing the character Jeremy Johnson on the Disney Channel animated series “Phineas and Ferb.”

The news of Mitchel leaving “Pair of Kings” comes after Mitchel was pulled over and taken into custody on DUI charges and underage drinking charges. Mitchel’s court date keeps getting pushed back, so no word yet on if he will receive any form of punishment for the charges.

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