Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez Updates Fans About Her Next Song

August 9, 2014 • By

Selena Gomez Writing A New Single

Selena Gomez is working on a brand new tune! She was sitting by the fire late last night working on the track, and it sounds like one Selena’s fans are going to want to hear for sure!

Here’s what Selena revealed about the upcoming single:

Inspired tonight. I have a la la, smooth, feel good kinda song I’m trying to get out. That makes sense right? #fiji #mini

Selena Gomez Writing A New Song

We absolutely love that Selena is writing the music for her next album, and we can’t wait to hear all of the emotional songs she plans on releasing soon!

How many of Selena’s tracks do you think will be about her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber?

Photos: Selena Gomez Spends Time With Her Mom And Baby Sister

August 8, 2014 • By

Selena Gomez Mom Gracie

Aww! Selena Gomez decided to have a family day with her mom and her baby sister, and she shared the sweet photos here from the fun afternoon!

Selena also posted:

A little mommy and me day is just what I need.

That’s so sweet! Have you heard that Selena’s dad just welcomed a baby girl as well? Congratulations to Selena and her family!

Selena Gomez Mom And Sister