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Nick Jonas Plays Lips, Wife, and Leave

January 12, 2015 • By

The Jonas Brothers Perform For Contest Winners
Recently singer Nick Jonas was interviewed on UK’s Hit Music Station, Capital FM and on the show Nick played the game “Lips, wife and leave.”

So the rules of the game are simple, you are given three people to choose from to either want to marry, kiss or leave.

The three people that Nick had to decide on were, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus.

Watch the clip below to see who Nick chooses to “Lips, wife and leave.”

What do you think, did Nick make the right decisions?

Is Selena Gomez Working On New Song With Zedd?

January 10, 2015 • By

Selena-Gomez-working with Zedd
It looks like Selena Gomez is working on a new song with Zedd. Selena and Zedd have been in the studio together this week.

Selena had posted a photo recently of herself laying down with the caption “Studio flow tho @zedd,” she quickly took that post down, but not before some of us saw it!

Zedd also posted a shot of Selena playing with a bobblehead of Johnny from The Room. And that post is still on his instagram account.

Here’s what Zedd posted along with the photo below.

@selenagomez likes Johnny from “The Room”… a lot!

Selena Gomez In The Studio With Zedd

We are so excited to hear what they’ve been working on! We can’t wait!