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Selena Gomez Trying To Make Up With Taylor Swift For Her 22nd Birthday?

July 20, 2014 • By

Selena Gomez Italy Plane

It looks like Selena Gomez might be trying to make up with Taylor Swift before her 22nd birthday! Selena turns 22-years-old on July 22, 2014, and she has already started celebrating.

Selena took a trip to Italy to promote her movie “Rudderless,” and she has shared a bunch of photos from her trip and updated fans about something major that happened:

One of my favorites songs in the world was written by this lovely man. Tony Renis! already an amazing birthday #geekinout #butimfeelin22

Selena Gomez 22nd Birthday

“I’m feeling 22″ are the lyrics in Taylor’s song “22.” Sounds to us like Selena is trying to make up with her former BFF before her big day.

Do you think the pair will get back together as friends? Or is Taylor totally over Selena and her Justin Bieber drama for good?

Taylor Swift Vs. Vanessa Hudgens In New York City

July 19, 2014 • By

Taylor Swift NYC Wings

Taylor Swift and Vanessa Hudgens both have apartments in New York City, and both ladies found the same butterfly artwork on the street and decided to snap a picture in front of it!

Taylor just shared the photo above along with posting:

Finding wings in New York City.

And Vanessa posted along with her photo below:

Sometimes all it takes is one person to see your wings in order for you to fly.

Vanessa Hudgens Butterfly Artwork NYC

Whose picture is your favorite?