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Tiffany Thornton Lashes Out At Her Husband As KJ Turns 2-Years-Old

August 16, 2014 • By

Tiffany Thornton KJ 2nd Birthday

Tiffany Thornton and Chris Carney have spent the past few months apart – with Chris staying in California and Tiffany returning home to Texas. Tiffany just celebrated their son KJ’s birthday with a donut breakfast – fun!

After the celebration she took to Twitter to send out the following note, which seems to be very much so aimed at Chris, who has been Tweeting and Instagramming a lot about his life, and less and less about his family:

Some people just shouldn’t even have social media accounts #whatareyouthinking #howareyounotembarassed #stoptweetingandinstagramming

Yikes! Chris has yet to respond. We wish this pair and their two children the very best.

Happy Birthday KJ!

Tiffany Thornton Reveals She Is No Longer In A Relationship With Chris Carney

July 18, 2014 • By

Chris Carney Tiffany Thornton Separate

Tiffany Thornton has made it pretty clear that she and her husband Chris Carney are no longer together. Tiffany has not only been away from Chris for over 2 months now, but she also just shared the following note with her fans:

For a while I was jealous of every happy couple I saw… Now I think they’re adorable and I’m happy for them #lifegoeson #GodisALWAYSgood

Chris has yet to comment on Tiffany’s latest revelation about their relationship.

We wish Chris and Tiffany, and their two young children, the very best.

Tiffany Thornton Chris Carney Not Together