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Disney Channel Changes Its Logo And Celebrity Wand Videos

May 22, 2014 • By

New Disney Channel Logo

The Disney Channel has changed up its logo! The new design is arriving on the network tomorrow, and so are new celebrity wand videos!

Here’s the old logo and wand video:

Disney Channel New Logo

Ron Pomerantz, Disney Channel’s VP of Marketing and Creative, told Ad Week:

We took the ‘wand ID’ which is so important to our network, and made sure it could still work. Take Good Luck Charlie, for example. A lot of countries are still airing it new. Could we take the green-screen of a star like Bridgit Mendler and make a wand ID using the new logo? A lot of our interstitials that are more evergreen, we have to switch the packaging over to the new packaging. You don’t want inconsistency in your brand no matter what your brand is.

We can’t wait to see the new wand spots! You can see the new Disney Channel logo used in the summer promo spot below!

Walt Disney Company Spending Over $5 Billion On Shanghai Theme Park

May 3, 2014 • By

Disney Shanghai

Wow! The Walt Disney Company has just raised its investment in its Shanghai resort to $5.44 billion. The spike in cash will help to add attractions that will increase the capacity of the park when it is open.

According to Disney’s CEO Robert Iger it is believed that tourism in China will rise in the coming years, and Disney wanted to make sure they had space at the park for guests.

Shanghai Disney

The new Shanghai Disney Resort will have two hotels on site and will include 1,000 acres of space for guests.

The opening date of the park is set to be next year.