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Disney Offers Special Holiday Meals on Thanksgiving Day

November 22, 2014 • By

 Walt Disney World

On Thanksgiving Day, November 27, 2014 Walt Disney World will offer a bounty of different tastes. Family and Friends can gather around a variety of Thanksgiving meals at over 30 different restaurants in the Disney Parks and Resorts.

Some of the special holiday treats include roasted heirloom beets with candied walnuts and mulled apple cider at Artist Point, Norwegian meatballs and pan-seared salmon at Akershus Royal Banquet Hall, poppy seed lavash, house-made naan, and apple-cranberry achar at Sanaa, as well as the traditional American roasted turkey breast with all the trimmings at various restaurants throughout the parks and resorts.

Availability is limited, so make sure to book your dining experience soon. Are you planning on spending your Thanksgiving at the park? Will you be having a traditional turkey dinner?

Two Men Rode All 46 Rides At Walt Disney World in One Day!

November 18, 2014 • By

Walt Disney World Rides

On November 7, 2014, Shane Lindsay and Ted Tamburo rode all 46 rides at all four parks at Disney World in Orlando, Florida all in one day!

They managed to hit all the rides in 17 hours running a total of 22 miles around the parks.

Both men are in their 40s and grew up in the Midwest. As kids, they visited the parks every year or so, which is where they developed their love of Disney World. About 20 years ago the two men met on an AOL chat room about theme parks.

Shane has been living in Orlando, Florida for the past nine years. He said that he has visited Disney World hundreds of times. The idea of hitting all 46 rides in one day came when he mentioned to Ted that as a kid he only attended the park for one day each visit, so it had become a game for him to take as many rides as he could each day he went.

Here is what Shane had to say about the experience,

People find it really hard to believe I guess. It’s not like we’re solving world hunger. But it’s fun to have a little challenge that no one has ever done before and people think is impossible.”

The two men only met in person for the first time last year when they made their first attempt at hitting all of the rides in one day. They almost made it, but unfortunately Tomorrowland, Speedway and the Astro Orbiter were closed that day due to the weather.

Earlier this year the two men started planning their second attempt, which they documented on their website. Shane said that they are planning on releasing a video about the whole experience in the future.

Wow! Could you imagine going on all the rides in just one day! It would be fun, but exhausting!