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Sami Miro Opens Up About Her Relationship With Zac Efron

March 31, 2015 • By

Zac Efron Sami Miro Relationship

Sami Miro has finally opened up about her relationship with Zac Efron. Turns out her life is a bit different because the former Disney star is in it – and her Instagram is different too!

Here’s what Sami told Elle:

I’ve never spoken about us before, but, um, it’s definitely different. I think that you have to take that [kind of attention] with a grain of salt, and put yourself in other people’s positions. I think that’s actually a really big part of it, putting yourself in their shoes, and trying to understand where they’re coming from, and then it kinds of makes sense. It kind of just comes with the territory, and I know there’s no really changing that, so you have to just embrace it…I’m not trying to hide anything in my life. If I was dating someone who wasn’t in the limelight, I might have more photos on [Instagram] of our relationship, but I do think it’s important. I mean, it’s what is going on in my life, and I think that my social media can still represent that.

What do you think – are Zac and Sami perfect for each other? Take our poll!

Zac Efron And Girlfriend Sami Miro Share Their Clothes!

March 31, 2015 • By

Zac Efron Sami Miro Share Clothes

In a new interview with Elle, Zac Efron’s girlfriend Sami Miro opened up about going shopping with the “High School Musical” actor! She revealed:

Growing up I didn’t really have the feminine touch. I didn’t like have my mom’s cool jackets to wear or, you know, cool hand-me-downs. So I just had my dad’s. I’ve always worn a lot of men’s clothing. So I think with Zac — we shop together all the time, and I just naturally like to pick out clothes — our styles have mixed together. I definitely do borrow some cool shirts and jackets of his, too so it works out really well. We kind of coordinate in a way. I think when you…hang out…you start to appreciate what the other person has to offer and clothing, because we’re both really into it, comes out in that way also.

Aww, do you think it’s ridiculously adorable that this couple shares clothes? Take our poll!

Calum Worthy Is A Big Fan Of Zac Efron, Obviously

March 15, 2015 • By

Zac Efron Calum Worthy

It sure sounds like “Austin & Ally” actor Calum Worthy is a big fan of former “High School Musical” actor Zac Efron! Calum shared the funny Tweet with his fans:

I just started following @ZacEfron! Not on twitter. I follow him whenever he leaves his house.

Calum Worthy Zac Efron

Oh Calum!

We have to ask – which actor is your favorite? Take the poll below!

Zac Efron And Girlfriend Sami Miro’s Sweet Kiss Picture

February 15, 2015 • By

Zac Efron Sami Miro Kiss

Zac Efron and girlfriend Sami Miro are super serious, and seriously cute! Sami shared the picture here of Zac kissing her on the cheek along with posting the following note:

Good vibes only.

Do you love this adorable couple? Do you think they will get married in the future? Let us know!

P.S. Zac has signed on for the “Neighbors 2” sequel movie!

Breaking Free: What The High School Musical Cast Looks Like 9 Years Later

February 7, 2015 • By

High School Musical Then And Now

Can you believe it has been 9 years since the cast of “High School Musical” debuted their Disney Channel Original Movie? Below you can seen pictures of your favorite HSM stars in the DCOM, and pictures of what they look like now!

Be sure to let us know which then and now pairing shocks you the most – some are super surprising!

Plus, let us know which “High School Musical” character is your ultimate favorite!

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Zac Efron Signs On For “Neighbors 2″ Movie

February 7, 2015 • By

Zac Efron Neighbors 2

Great news for Zac Efron fans! The former “High School Musical” star has signed on for a “Neighbors” sequel movie!

Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne will also join Zac in “Neighbors 2.”

The cast is expected to shoot the movie over the summer, with the sequel film hitting theaters on May 13, 2016.

Are you excited for a “Neighbors” sequel movie?

Zac Efron’s New Movie “Mike And Dave Need Wedding Dates”

January 23, 2015 • By

Zac Efron Mike And Dave Need Wedding Dates

Former “High School Musical” actor Zac Efron has just signed on for Fox and Chernin Entertainment’s movie “Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates.” The movie is about two brothers who place an ad online to find dates for a wedding, and the ad ends up going viral – yikes!

No word yet who will play Zac’s brother in the movie – any ideas? Fingers crossed for Miles Teller who worked with Zac on the film “That Awkward Moment.”

Zac will start shooting the new movie as soon as he wraps production on “Dirty Grandpa” with Robert De Niro.

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