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Zendaya Coleman’s Dad Opens Up About Why She Dropped Out Of Lifetime’s Aaliyah Movie

June 30, 2014 • By

Zendaya Coleman Aaliyah Movie Haters

Zendaya Coleman just dropped out of the much talked about Aaliyah movie being filmed for Lifetime. Zendaya was set to play Aaliyah and was going to show her life off to viewers.

However, according to reports Lifetime had not secured the rights to Aaliyah’s music, and Zendaya didn’t want to be a part of the movie if she had to record tunes that weren’t Aaliyah’s.

It was speculated that Zendaya might have also left the movie because of all of the haters that have been attacking her for taking the role. However, Zendaya’s dad wants everyone to know that is NOT the case! Zendaya’s dad Tweeted:

Let me be perfectly clear!! Zendaya did not drop out of the movie because of haters and people who said she wasn’t black enough…in fact they only fueled her fire to kill this role. However the production value was very important to her it had to be done right… issues around production are what caused Zendaya to pull out of this project…Zendaya would have been an amazing Aaliyah because she is a true professional…who would have studied and embodied the character and brought Aaliyah to life on the screen!! #hatersgonnahate #stepback

We’re so bummed that Zendaya won’t be in this movie, which is set to be titled “Aaliyah: Princess Of R&B.”

Zendaya Coleman Pulls Out Of Lifetime’s “Aaliyah: The Princess Of R&B” Movie

June 29, 2014 • By

Zendaya Coleman Exits Aaliyah Movie

Zendaya Coleman has pulled out of the Lifetime Aaliyah biopic, titled “Aaliyah: The Princess Of R&B.” Zendaya was slated to play the role of Aaliyah in the movie, which is set to tell the story of Aaliyah’s life and career leading up to her tragic passing in a plane crash at the age of 22.

Zendaya received a lot of hate for taking on the role, but that is reportedly not the reason for her leaving the movie. According to sources Lifetime did not secure the rights to Aaliyah’s music and Zendaya didn’t want to do the movie without Aaliyah’s songs.

A source told the press:

Aaliyah has always been an inspiration to Zendaya. She was honored to portray her and pay tribute to her. If she is going to do it, she wants to do it right.

Lifetime released the following statement about Zendaya leaving the movie:

We are sad Zendaya will no longer portray Aaliyah. Production is currently on hold.

What a bummer! Hopefully the music rights are obtained and Zendaya comes back to the movie. If not, who else would you like to see in the role of Aaliyah?