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Forever In Your Mind Covers Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud”

April 7, 2015 • By

Forever In Your Mind Ed Sheeran Thinking Out Loud

The up and coming all-guy group Forever In Your Mind has been covering some super famous tunes recently – including Nick Jonas’ “Chains.”

Now the group has released a cover of Ed Sheeran’s popular song “Thinking Out Loud.” Check out the cover video below, and let us know what you think.

Tell us which version of the song is your favorite by taking our poll!

What Would Happen If “Monsters, Inc” And “Tangled” Crossed Paths

April 7, 2015 • By

Tangled Monsters Inc

Yes, all the yeses for this fun Disney meme found on Pinterest! Here’s what would happen if Disney Pixar’s “Monsters, Inc” crossed paths with Disney’s “Tangled” story of Rapunzel…

Monsters Inc Tangled

Disney loves making shorts that play before their movies, and we would totally love to tune in for a Disney short that brought together two movies – “Monsters, Inc” and “Tangled,” or “Beauty and the Beast” and “Big Hero 6.”

Which other Disney mash-ups would YOU like to see? Let us know by Tweeting us @Disney_Dreaming!

Also, we’re still totally LOL’ing over this Little Mermaid face-swap!

Send Fan Mail To The Cast Of Disney Channel’s “Austin & Ally”

April 7, 2015 • By

Austin And Ally Fan Mail Address

Are you a huge fan of the Disney Channel Original Series “Austin & Ally“? We can’t believe that the cast is currently filming the final season of the show, and that their time together is coming to an end!

To celebrate the final episodes that the A&A cast is currently shooting we have rounded up the fan mail addresses for some of your favorite “Austin & Ally” cast members.

Let us know which of the Disney Channel actors YOU send a letter to!

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Celebrities React To Disney’s “A Goofy Movie” 20 Year Anniversary

April 7, 2015 • By

Disney A Goofy Movie 20 Year Anniversary

Today marks the 20 year anniversary of Disney’s “A Goofy Movie”! The animated adventure released on April 7, 1995 and we’re not the only ones who can’t believe 20 years has already gone by since the movie featuring Goofy and his son Max released!

Some celebs have taken to Twitter to share their shock over the movie anniversary. Click through the gallery below to see what they had to say!

Plus, do you have a favorite quote from “A Goofy Movie”? Share it with us on Twitter @Disney_Dreaming!

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5 Fun Disney Character Easter Eggs

April 6, 2015 • By

Rapunzel Flynn Rider

Disney loves to put Easter Eggs in all of their movies, including hiding Disney characters in movies that aren’t their own! We have a few of these character Easter Eggs you might have missed when you tuned in for movies like “Aladdin,” “Frozen,” “Ratatouille” and more!

Click through below to see some of our favorite Disney Easter Eggs, and then let us know which surprises YOU have spotted in your favorite Disney/Pixar films.

Plus, we want to know which Disney movie is your all-time- favorite! Let us know by Tweeting us @Disney_Dreaming!

Plus – do you want Chris Colfer in Disney’s live-action “Winnie The Pooh”?

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Little Mermaid Starbucks Logo

April 6, 2015 • By

The Little Mermaid

Well we must admit, we love Disney’s “The Little Mermaid” and we love Starbucks coffee, so of course when we spotted the Little Mermaid-themed Starbucks logo below on Pinterest we totally flipped!

How cute would it be if Starbucks branded its coffee cups at Disney Parks locations with fun Disney-themed takes on their signature logo? We would SO love that!

Little Mermaid Starbucks

Also, find out how to order the “Ariana Grande” at Starbucks!

R5 “Let’s Not Be Alone Tonight” Music Video

April 6, 2015 • By

R5 Lets Not Be Alone Tonight

R5 just released the music video for their single “Let’s Not Be Alone Tonight.” Watch the Hollywood Records music video below, and be sure to tell us what you think!

R5 also made the announcement that their next album is titled “Sometime Last Night,” and it will be available to buy and download on July 10, 2015!

Plus the group is going on tour this summer!

R5 Sometime Last Night