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Order An “Ariana Grande” At Starbucks

March 4, 2015 • By

Ariana Grande Starbucks Drink

One member of the BuzzFeed community decided to go out on a limb and ask a Starbucks barista if she could make an “Ariana Grande” with the hopes that the pop stars’ signature drink was on the Secret Starbucks Menu.

The drink was NOT a secret option, however the barista decided to whip up her best Ariana-themed Starbucks beverage! Here’s what it included:

– Size Grande
– Cotton Candy Frappaccino base (from the Secret Menu)
– Extra mocha syrup
– Extra mocha chips
– Blended
– Extra whipped cream
– Extra Caramel on top

The taste tester loved the drink and hopes Starbucks adds it to their Secret Menu so Ariana’s fans can place their own orders for the drink.

One problem though – Ariana won’t be trying out her signature Starbucks drink anytime soon – she’s vegan and a lot of the ingredients aren’t. What a bummer!

Calum Worthy’s Stand Off Snap With A Baby

March 3, 2015 • By

Calum Worthy Picture With A Baby

We’re not sure any commentary is necessary to go along with this seriously LOL-worthy snap “Austin & Ally” actor Calum Worthy shared!

In the picture Calum is having a stand off with a baby, and we’re not sure who is more frightened! Calum posted along with the picture:

Baby, Baby, Baby No!

First off, loving the Justin Bieber “Baby” song lyric reference, and second, how HILARIOUS is this picture?